A real life pet gets dirty and needs to take a bath, so why not the virtual pets. With the game Wash Pets located as an Android download for your mobile device you can give all types of crazy pets a bath and much more. You can download this game to any android mobile device so that you can take it on the go for your kids to play with wherever they might be. It’s a great way to keep them busy and entertained when you are running errands or going through waits at the doctor’s office. Choose all sorts of pretty pets to take care of and have all sorts of cleaning and sprucing fun with them.


You don’t just have to give them a bath, you can even cut their nails and paint them, or give them cute outfits to wear. When you are done with that you get to play with pets as well. Let your pets wander and play until they get dirty again and then give them a whole new makeover. This fun little application is designed to be kid friendly with tons of activities allowing them to have fun with cats, dogs and other crazy pets as well. Choose which you enjoy the most and have fun taking care of them one pet at a time. There are several similar games out there, but only Wash Pets has all of this fun in one place. Give your pet a complete makeover if you want or take care of them little by little.