Recently people happened to come across and stumble upon Reason8 Automated Note-Taking app while doing their regular roundup of the reputed App Store and Play Store apps, and they were highly intrigued since it looked like a special which something set it apart from the others.

People have to surely admit that they are far assuaged by this nice accolade of gem. For the developer’s successful release on the App Store and Play Store, I trust that Reason8 did a splendid job with Reason8 Automated Note-Taking.

Reason8 is an AI-powered app for automated note-taking and summary preparation for in-person meetings working on multiple smartphones. One can use Reason8 at meetings to get the best automated note-taking quality on the market.

To begin just host a meeting and tell your colleagues the meeting ID. Then focus on the discussion, not on taking the notes. If something important arises you can tap “Highlight” and it goes to the meeting summary. After the meeting is over one can utilize the app or switch to web client at for the convenience of keyboard editing to create meeting minutes.

If users ever had a situation where they had to take notes during important discussion being afraid not to capture all key facts and ideas? Now you and your colleagues can simply record everything and highly focus on the discussion instead on taking notes. With this famous app of Reason8 one can stay engaged through the meeting and actively put together meeting summaries, minutes, or follow-ups.

Salient features:

  • Enumerates automated note-taking to save all details from in-person meetings
  • Exhibits automated extraction of tasks from the meeting transcript for speeding up preparation of meeting minutes
  • Quality speech recognition with punctuation and speaker identification supporting multiple languages
  • Offers handy AI service that automates developing meeting summaries and minutes
  • Offers record of the meeting and super accurate speech notes
  • You can develop meeting summaries on the Web at for the convenience of keyboard editing
  • Absolutely facilitates collaboration with a shareable notes and meeting summaries

In order to get better note-taking quality, one can place all phones in the same room on a table near their owners and always keep the devices and participants stable while recording.

This app is introduced for consultants, scrum masters, agile teams, project managers, executive assistants, business analysts and everyone making meeting notes, summaries and follow-ups. Join phones with Reason8 at an in-person meeting and they would automatically save your conversation identifying who said what even at an active discussion. Moreover If users are interested in the enterprise solution and searching for additional information then they can visit Finally Reason8 Automated Note-Taking is a popular app people would be coming back over again in the future, and I highly recommend it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys unique beneficial app for meeting.