Before the age of modern technology and smartphones, what will a typical person does before going to sleep? Yes, they write diaries. In the entry they will reflect about what they see and feel during the day, and maybe they will tell the diary some secrets of him—After all, no one else is supposed to see his diary entries.

While writing a diary seems to be an odd and outdated fashion nowadays, how about typing a diary entry? All you need is an IPhone or IPad, and download the App Edge Diary, and you now own your very unique and just-for-your diary.

Edge Diary is very user-friendly. Its several features also enable it to upgrade one’s experience of making a diary entry. The interface is very easy to understand. The first thing you see after running the application is a large calendar. Gently tap on the date of today and you can start writing Dear Diary. There is also a page showing all your pass entries, and the first sentence of each entry is shown. As a result, you can have a fast grasp of what happened a month before or even years before.

You can also add pictures and photos in your entries. For example, if you attend a birthday party of your best friend today, you can include a photo of you two in the entry. This can strengthen the friendship between you two on one hand, and also the ability of the entry to store your memories. While you can look back on what you wrote before, you can check out
the album to see all the pictures or photos in your entries. So, this is an alternative way of using photos to remember your past.

The only thing that I do not like about edge Diary is when I am using it on my IPhone. The words are just too tiny, making looking back at what I wrote tedious if I write a lot. Therefore, I just feel like writing as few words as possible and include more photos when making the entries. This may not be what the developer of the App want to do. However, I assume this problem can be somehow alleviated by using the App on IPad. A larger screen means larger letters. You may want to try that if your are not proud of your eyesight.

Besides, the size of the App is only 35.4 MB so it will not take up too much memory storage space on your device. On top of that, nearly all main languages in the world are supported by the App, like Chinese and Spanish. This caters for the needs of overseas users.

The value of a diary is at its ability it helping one storing his or her precious memory and his feelings at important moment. There is always so much to remember when one goes through his own diary, and investigate what his state of mind is 3 years ago. Edge Diary will not only be able to restore this habit among the new generation; it also improves on the experience of writing diary. A diary of photos is one of the prominent example. As a result, a unique style of writing diary for people in the modern world is invented.

I therefore strongly recommend this App to all of you.

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