Sometimes purchasing or designing invoices for the business can be quite an expensive task. This is because the business might incur a lot of cost before it ultimately uses them. What about getting an app that can efficiently perform that task in a relatively low cost? This can be a real quick and fantastic solution! Actually, the Billdu Ltd has designed the amazing Billdu app to offer professional invoices services; this involves creation of different estimates, invoices and purchase orders quotes. Interestingly, the users of this app have an incredible chance to enjoy 30% discount upon purchasing any subscription from this app. So far this 4+ star app which was last updated on 2nd August, 2016 has received positive reviews attributing to its simple, easy and fast to use.

The Operation of Billdu app

Actually, the user will discover that this app operates really simple thus making it easy to use. At first, the app allows the user to apply customized features when creating different invoice templates in order to get the best design that meets the expected needs. One can proceed to choose the color palette for the invoice then setup the logo of the business. After indicating other necessary details on the invoice, the user can finish by signing at the bottom of the template. What will remain after that is just to submit or send the invoice to the client; this app allows creation of the invoice in PDF format which makes it look more professional. Clearly, this entire process is absolutely easy and worth trying!

Compatible devices for the Billdu app

Apparently, the user will discover that this version 4.0.17 of the app has been perfectly design to incorporate strong and excellent features that boost the quality of the output and entire performance. This makes it to require high quality devices in order to perfectly work along with it. Such devices include iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. For the operating system for the app, it will need iOS 8.0 or any new version available.


Below are the distinct features of the Billdu app

Great invoice display

In need of a high quality invoice? There is no need to look anymore! With Billdu app, the user will be able to create attractive and appealing invoices that will absolutely give a good presentation to the clients. Actually, the app comes with customizing features like color pallette that will make the entire appearance of the app quite fascinating.

Keep easy track on expenses

One unique feature that Billdu app helps the business is to keep good track of records spending and other bills. With the presence of expense management and receipt scanner tools, the business will be able to make the correct balances for the day after going through the invoices. Interestingly, the entire data is quite secure and can be moved easily through online invoicing or links of the files.

PDF invoice creation

The Billdu app allows the user to create customized invoices that can come out in PDF format. Thus, the user can then proceed to send an estimate or a quote to the client using the PDF invoice. The business can also create other PDF invoices once the transaction has been completed in order to act as reference. Besides, this app has also move ahead to offer a chance for clients to give reviews and ratings through the invoice on how efficient it is.

Easy synchronization of data on devices

What about getting ability to monitor all the functions of the business on the mobile devices? This can sound quite interesting! The Billdu app comes with the amazing experience that allows the user to synchronize into different mobile devices. This is important because it can enable one manage and monitor invoices that are issued and received by using the web application.

A chance to create customized invoice

Interestingly, the process of creating personal invoices is quite simple and user-friendly. The user can apply different colorful formats on the invoice; make changes in the overall design of the invoice. The business can also insert the logo and lastly place the original signature to show approval of the invoice.

Here are the Pros and Cons of the Billdu app:


· Easy to use and operate

· The customized invoices come out attractive

· Great improvement in cashflow and invoice management

· Easy to track and monitor overall invoice performance

· Simple and quick when sending invoices


· Slightly challenging for novice learners

· Some operations cannot be performed without internet


It is absolutely evident that Billdu app has proven to be efficient in performance through enabling businesses and individuals to create and come up with fantastic invoices. It has even move further to bring additional features like online invoicing, barcode scanner, client rating, API connection with modules and facilitating quick sending of invoices to clients. This just makes this great app an absolute choice for any individual ready to experience efficient invoicing. Currently, the app is available for free but users can also subscribe for upgraded features or get unlimited invoices at 11.99 Euros per month or at 149.99 Euros annually. However, there are different price lists for limited number of invoices that users can still get from Billdu app. It is time to get this app from App Store today!