I am a businessman who is filled with pressure and money, and overall success in my profession was quite stressful. So I always choose to travel around the world for at least a month a year. At first, I collect all the information manually in selecting the best transportations and restaurants with lodgings, it felts quite difficult to choose the options. I know that without a proper plan I can’t travel with a celebrating mind so choose to use the Travi app which I find in the store to plan my vacation and I feel gifted to get this app because of its simplified design.

The first thing I noticed about Travi was its interesting customer reviews with the highest rating. This makes me try the app to plan my vacation and it gives me a great travel experience, So I want to prefer this app to every traveler who always wants to get all the precious moments from their itinerary.

Travi was developed to make itinerary simplified and to help people to enjoy their trips. You can find Travi in the app store, You need iOS 13.0 and later versions to install this app. After the installation, you will be asked to sign in to keep you updated with newsletters from the developer, and then choose your destination. It may be one day or two-day trips also it can be a vacation, Travi makes it enriched with its tips and suggestions to make your itinerary memorable.

By navigating your travel with suggestions for must-visit places, transport suggestions, and selecting the best restaurants Travi keeps you remain excited. Travis recommends you to visit the important places and activities that are held in the city, also you find the list of famous tourist attractions with time info. Travi draws a timeline for your itinerary to keep you updated with what’s the next step in your travel. All you need to follow the timeline through the “Calendar view” icon, also you can edit it according to your wish.

Travi gives you another great option to share your travel stories with other travi users. You can share your stories with photos and also contribute information to the community by chatting with them, by simply create a profile in the app. Travi is completely safe to use and it won’t track your location, so feel free to use it.

Travi comes in more than 4 languages including English, users are supported by the developers and you can contact them through social media where they always active to help you. Travi is a free app that gives you a wonderful itinerary even you are offline, so install Travi and have a rocking travel experience.

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