You can be a budding photographer, a part-time video editor, a short filmmaker or a meme creator, whatever it is you love doing, you ensure that your videos are worth watching and make sure that nobody is bored with it. To do so, you need one awesome video cropping or resizing tool. Many video editing apps are available both at free of cost or for money. Of late, I have tried my hands at Clideo and it is of great use to me.

Clideo falls under the ‘Photo and Video’ category and it is given by Softo Limited. The app helps you exhibit all the video making skills you possess without any difficulties. Using this, people will be able to cut, trim, crop, edit, merge, compress, rotate and resize their videos. Creating slideshows, videos of different genre is also possible with this app. Clideo is free to download on all iOS devices and it is compatible with iOS 12.2 or later versions.

Anyone fond of making videos can use it to the fullest. It is the best video making tool with great functionalities and easy-to-use features.  There are about 90 different presets in the app that helps you to make videos of any type for various social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The app has about 10 different vertical and horizontal aspect ratios, the custom resolution can be altered and users can input their width and length. Other crop options help you make your video fill the whole frame or fit in completely. Using this app, you can also choose from the 18 different colours available in the app to change the look of your images or use the blur option for borders.

The in-app purchases of the Clideo app are available for a price of $1.99/month and at $11.99 per month when billed yearly. The web application of the app allows you to make unlimited videos as you choose the monthly plan for $9 and the yearly plan for $72. The paid version of the app helps you to get rid of all the watermarks.

With a very clear and simple to use interface, Clideo assists you to go through your footage frame-by-frame to get the perfect outcome of your stills/videos. It is intuitive and works exceptionally well. If you’re making social media videos, YouTube videos, ad films, or short bios for a TV show or movie auditioning, you can do it all. This handy tool helps you make a surprising amount of videos just with your mobile or tablet.

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