If you thought that not much could be done with just shadows, then it’s time to change your opinion. The Windows app Shadow Fight 2 is here to tell you how much can be created with mere shadows. If you like action movies where the heroes defeat the villains in the midst of a lot of noise and smooth killer moves, then this game is sure made for you.

Along points of this game, you would want pause it and slow it down in order to keep track of the action. This game brings to you a unique combination of Martial Arts, Karate and Kung Fu, all wrapped up into one fabulous hero. This game will take you down memory lane and help you relive all the action movies you have watched over the ages. Developed by NEKKI, it is compatible with all Windows phones having Windows 8 or higher.

This RPG game, which was originally designed for Android and iOS, is here to take the Windows app market by storm as well. It combines RPG with classical fighting to give you a game like never before. In this one, there are 6 unique worlds and you have to conquer each one of them. Your opponents are not any more ill prepared than you are in any aspect. Unless you give it all you got, this game could end up in the favour of your opponents.

The speciality of this game lies not only in the smoothly executed action moves but in the neat graphics. The factor that gives it an edge is that all the fighters have been portrayed in the form of shadows. Each move of the fight has been executed to perfection like never before. The high end graphics and the bright background colors add to the beauty of the game. Each move and each twist and turn can be seen wonderfully in the game. While the shadow art hides nittygritties, it brings out those aspects of fighting that you will want to see in the game.

Another speciality of this game lies in the variety of lethal weapons it has to offer. Each weapon is deadly in its dangerousness, helping you slash through your opponents. Epic swords, rare armor suits and much more add the magical touch to the game. You even have magical powers. As you get started, you are allowed to choose your fighter and customize him as you like.


In Shadow Fight 2, there are six unique worlds to be conquered. Each will take you through epic combats right from the beginning to the end. As you traverse each world, you will be met with plenty of unexpected demons to slash. To move to the next level, you must complete the previous one and unlock it. The level of detail adds an air of awe to the entire game.

With intuitive controls, high end graphics and splendid combats amidst the shadows, this is indeed one of the best apps for Windows phones. It is completely free but is available only for Windows phones with high end graphics.

Good: Smooth shadow art and lethal weapons

Bad: Available only for Windows phones with high graphics