Geometry Dash LITE is a rhythm style game where you control a block sliding along the screen across different levels. There are obstacles in the way, so you have to tap the screen at the right time to jump over the obstacles, but your timing needs to be very quick and precise or you’ll explode in pixelated glory and have to start the level over again. It’s a very simple game with just that one control of tapping the screen in time with the well done electronic music, but it’s so complex with the number of obstacles and modes the game takes you through in a single level.

There are spikes, pitfalls, platforms, and occasionally you’ll enter a mode where your block pilots a rocket and you have to tap the screen to prevent yourself from crashing into the walls that appear on the screen. It’s a fun and very interactive game, with well designed levels and catchy music to accompany it. Each level gets progressively harder and add more game mechanics such as launchpads and midair jumps, and each addition makes the game feel more and more engaging and entertaining.


Upgrading to the full version gives you more levels, achievements and music, but if you can’t afford the $1.99 price tag, the free game is a wonderful download to add to your mobile device collection. It’s perfect for when you want to engage your mind in a simple but fun activity and when you want to kill some time. I couldn’t put the game down until I had important matters to attend to and even then I was itching to open the game up and try again. The levels are hard but not impossible, so with practice and memorization you’ll be able to beat the levels with ease. I highly recommend this game.