We all are living in an era of smartphones and other devices and we can see that security and privacy matter a lot more than before. If we are keen about our data being confidential and value privacy, then we must use apps that support privacy and also provide a hassle-free means of communication. 

ShazzleChat is one of the apps to replace the conventional way of communication that does not guarantee any security. This app is a secured means to get into a private chat with your peers and protect all the media from getting snooped.  This communication app offers end-to-end encryption services to ensure your privacy and to end the menace of prying and hacking. It allows you to chat with your peers without any intervention.

Download the app and create your own profile with a few details. The app has no servers and no web and it ensures true privacy. When you use ShazzleChat, no one will be able to decrypt your conversations. It does not save your message on the servers as it operates with an end-to-end encryption protocol and the information is only on hold with the sender and the receiver. The app stops data aggregation, data-mining, and discovery that the internet connections are usually open to.

The app allows you to have your own private groups which can be a group of friends, family or your co-workers or whomever you wish to join with. Just send the invite code to them and ask them to get the app downloaded. You can also import all the contacts from your phone and add them to ShazzleChat and connect freely.

Apart from the above mentioned methodologies, the app gives a passcode lock to enhance your communication network’s protection. When you send sensitive documents, you can be sure that they remain confidential. It comes with an additional feature that is the self-destructive timer for your photos and videos. When you send files with this option, they get deleted after the time limit. This way you will be able to send any number of private clicks without the fear of them being misused.

I am already enjoying using ShazzleChat and it keeps me in total privacy with a complete peer-to-peer chat that you can enjoy like never before. The team members can be contacted via [email protected] to get your queries answered.

ShazzleChat can be downloaded for free when you visit the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

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