People often think of how fun it would be to time travel and see the events of history. While science has yet to make a way for that to happen, or even to see the past, with the use of this Android app you can explore a place like Edinburgh as well as other places in the area and get a little taste of the history of the place. This Android app is called Timeline Trip Edinburgh and it is filled with tons of information about the place.

This app is easy to use and navigate through. Listed in the education niche the concept is unique to other history teaching applications as it allows you to go where you want to go, and not take you through lessons in time. You have the option of seeing what you want to see and using the filters to change it when you want to. It’s not just filled with facts but has maps of the places that are interactive allowing you to see how the city was laid out, how the land looked at the time and much more. This makes the graphics fantastic as you are able to explore the maps and navigate by people, time, place or building. You can use it to look up facts or just to explore the entire place little by little.


Using this Android app was fun, and intriguing. There is much to explore and nothing you will be able to accomplish in a short period of time. It does make you want to keep going once you get looking into things especially if you have a love of history. The best thing is taking that trip through time and watching how it affected the growth of a place, the people and the world around it.