One of my favorite hobbies is stargazing, so I was very happy when I found the SkyView app.  Initially, I downloaded the free version for my iPhone.  It was fun for me and my kids to know what we were looking at in the night sky.

By using the phone’s camera lens, the app identifies celestial bodies in the night sky right on your screen.  This just isn’t stars and planets!  It can identify satellites, constellations, comets, and show the path of the sun and moon.




I upgraded to the full version, so that I could search for certain things in the night sky.  I could have survived on the free version, but it is fun to know if that’s a UFO I’m looking at, or just the International Space Station!  SkyView is a great tool to learn more about the night sky, but it also works in the day, too.

For day use, the app could be easily used for educational purposes in plotting the sun’s path.  I could also imagine that it could be a good tool for gardeners, outdoor enthusiast, and a plethora of other uses.

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