Most applications that are downloaded are games these days, and while they have their benefits as well as their entertainment nothing beats an application that is there to help improve your knowledge. The hardest part about learning something is taking the test on what you have learned. Many people freeze up and find it difficult to focus because the test questions might be different then what they are used to, or unable to remember what they learned because of the questions.

This Zinkerz Preparation For The TOEFL® Test is the perfect iOS App to help you prepare for that upcoming test. This iOS App has features that will not only help you improve your knowledge but actually prepare your mind for the upcoming test. You can personalize the features so when it tests you on skill words, or phrases in any subject you will can save it as learned or continue to test on it until you do know the material. By using the recording features in your phone you can give your oral presentations on the subjects you are studying and learn from your mistakes while improving on your skills. And the video feeds in this iOS App allow you to get a visual on the material you are learning as well.


The best part of this application is that it gives you a road map to follow so you can move at your own pace, while still challenging yourself as needed. If you have the TOEFL test coming up, or sometime in your future this is the app you need to prepare for it.