Soone is a new app to help you make connections with other people – available to download on IOS and Google Play. They say we text too much, and I agree.

How much time do we spend on apps, whether it’s messaging potential matches on Tinder or friends on WhatsApp, teasing the idea of making plans, then communication just fizzles out to nothing?

Soone has all the features you’ve come to love from these types of apps with one key difference, you don’t get much time to text. The focus is on arranging an in-person meetup so you can meet the real person, in-person.

How does it work? Creating your profile and getting verified only takes a couple of minutes, then it’s as easy as finding someone in your area who you’d love to talk to more. The app is ideal whether you’re looking for romance or a new friendship.

The app is safe, thanks to profile picture verification to help combat catfishes as well as Soone-verified locations that have been pre-screened for visibility and safety.

Not only can you see who is around you (approximately, Soone never shares exact locations) you’ll be able to see what’s around you. Cafes, bars, restaurants and more – all the perfect hangout spots.

Once you’ve made a connection, the other person has 30 minutes to accept. Why have they done that? Well, it makes sure that person is active and ready to talk and make plans now. Soone eliminates the possibility of wasting time. What’s more, once the chat is open, it’ll only stay open for 2 hours. That’s plenty of time for a get-to-know-you text conversation before arranging a meet-up at a convenient location nearby.

In-person connections let you meet the real person. Don’t spend more time than you need to texting, make a proper connection with Soone. Download the app on IOS and Google Play today!

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