Obstacle Basketball is one of the best games I have played in the last month. It’s a cool game that is fiendishly addictive, but in a good way. I am a big fan of professional basketball, so it’s not hard to get into the sport of basketball for me. The handling of this game is great! I can sit there for hours and just put the ball in the hoop. The game is also more intense than other basketball apps I have played. The pace is more engaging and it really rewards good hand-eye coordination. I really the game, I think it’s an enjoyable choice if you have an affinity for basketball apps.


I would be remiss to not to mention the mind blowing art work. It has very impressive graphics for an app. Another surprising aspect of the game is the frame rate. It feels like it’s 60 frames per second! This is different from most other apps and more on par with more expensive computing machines. If you enjoy basketball and fun mini-games, I would definitely recommend checking this app out. This app is definitely worth your time. It’s true that there are many clone apps out there, but it is recommended that you check out the true original.