For as long as I’ve been aware of Binary Options and the large sphere of online trading platforms, I’ve found myself at a disadvantage while trying to navigate through online trading programs to process through my stock forecast and opportunities. While reading more information about Binary Options Demos, I was pleased to see that PayPal withdrawals and deposits had been recently added. I myself use PayPal for my own business and consider it to be the most secure and accessible tool to use for any online transactions and transfers. Also, as someone with below average knowledge of trading and foreign exchange markets, I was glad to see that this app was aimed at the true Binary Prospector, that is more inexperienced.

In the moments before opening this app, the branding design immediately caught my eye. The bright colors and utilization of symbols reminds you what you’re looking for each time you use the program. Once inside to the menu page, my eyes were easily drawn to the distinct and quickly recognizable navigation logos. The dark background paired with light text and graphics was a smart choice in order to contrast the images easily without straining the eyes.

As I launched the program, I was swiftly redirected to the app’s home screen in approximately 2 seconds. The simple navigation page was displayed in a similar fashion to my own smartphone with a horizontal scroll. While in any one of the provided menu options, the dark background in contrast to the white-backed logos and navigation cues once again made it simple to sequence through the subject matter. Each time I navigated away from the home screen through any of the given options, the menu icon appeared in the top left corner; making it easy to return to the main menu at any time. I enjoyed that this menu icon wasn’t a drop-down list, but a basic redirect to the front page.


Despite the fact that the app was the lone program running at the time I used it, the sub-section, “HOT DEMOS,” produced a slight lag each time I attempted to scroll downwards. This problem remained even after relaunching the program 3 times. While it may have been a compatibility issue with my phone, (the LG-E980) it made reading through the prospects marginally difficult. However, on selecting an option for trade, a new window is opened, which always offers improved functionality and navigation than apps that contain these redirects within their own program.

Considering the often ambiguous nature of Binary Forex (Foreign Exchange) platforms, the app provides a structured, straightforward, and speedy system for traders at any level of knowledge or experience to pursue prospects and stay up to date on any momentum swings, currency pairs, and “call” or “put” opportunities in the market. As the app progresses, I would love to see the integration of user accounts and social media outlets; this could providea more detailed view of what’s currently trending in the market. In regards to my experience as a whole, I was very pleased with this app and would recommend it to any trader looking to broaden their range of prospects.