A loud shout for all the iPhone users

I am a lover of music and I play it all through the day. Music soothes my mind and soul whenever I feel happy or depressed. My favourite pastime is enjoying music. Music is the doctor for my soul. I hear it all the time based on my preferences and moods but when I try to recollect the playlist of songs based on the days heard I won’t be able to get them since the music applications are not enriched with that important feature. So I wanted to hunt on a music application that can categorize songs love based on my emotions. I downloaded few applications to check on the playlist feature but all in vain and after searching enough through the net I found Statistics for Spotify Music which added a lot of positive reviews and good comments so I downloaded this application immediately and started enjoying during all times. The best part is my favourite playlist of songs and with artists is created with the playlist maker to access instantly at any time of the year.

About Statistics for Spotify Music

  • Hear to most listened music on Spotify for both songs and artists.
  • Create Spotify playlists from your most listened to songs.
  • Gather history on Spotify
  • Listen to the favourites all time
  • Listen to tracks and artists over certain periods at any time of the year.

Features in detail

  • Spotify Stats has the top tracks on Basic and Premium plans.
  • You can listen to the most listened to songs/artists for the last 4 weeks, 6 Months, and All Time.
  • The app keeps the top 50 most played tracks and artists for each period.
  • Recently Played lists allow you to view tracks you have played recently in case you skipped a track accidentally.
  • Spotify Playlist Maker creates its own playlist based on the tracks heard
  • You don’t have to create top tracks playlists by yourself anymore! Create Just tap the top right corner, add a playlist name, and start adding songs.
  • Whenever you open Spotify your newly created playlist appears in your playlists. You can also add individual tracks from your rankings to your playlists without searching them on Spotify.
  • You can View Artist and Song Info & Play Songs on Spotify

You can tap the artist or song name to get more details about a track or artist. Then view artists or listen to a track directly in Spotify just with a single tap.

Finally, this is the best tool to enjoy music all the time without searching and hunting for songs. Get Statiks – Statistics for Spotify Music for FREE from the Playstore and enjoy unlimited music all day long with your favorite playlist of songs. My special appreciation to the developers for making the music lovers work much easier to better accessibility. Great Job! Hats off to you guys.

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