Initially, I used to travel by local private cabs. To book those I have to wait for a long time and I could not be assured whether I will get one in time. As a result, while attending a meeting or so, I had to worry a lot to reach my destination. Then one day I downloaded Blacklane app in my iPhone6 according to one of my colleague’s recommendation. The app was not large in size. I downloaded it from Appstore on my iPhone and installed. Afterwards, the app was very easy to start with simple registration with my email ID. It took a couple of minutes to complete. With simply choosing four inputs, I can book a car for myself without any difficulty. First, I need to choose my pickup location. Then, the app asks for my destination where I want a drop. Thirdly, I can set up exact time of my journey. And most luxuriously, I can opt for my favourite cars too for my own comfort.

While setting my pickup location, the algorithm that Blacklane is using is really astonishing. With the start of simple entries of my location, they suggest some probable locations as a drop-down list which makes it easier for me to select.Same is also applied while choosing destination point. Soon after I book a cab, they send me a confirmation mail instantly with all the details I selected. The information also comprised with the allocated driver’s personal mobile and arrival time which is very helpful. In case, somehow I face any problem I call the driver and believe me, they are very helpful and co-operating with decency.


Now, I have to confess that I am highly satisfied with the instant service of Blacklane. Their service is prompt enough to be present with my booked cab in exact timing and location what I set from my iOS app. Another standout feature is, they send a continuous push notification to my iPhone 15 minutes earlier from my journey time. As a result, I am always kept updated by them that what time exactly remaining for me to get the cab. After the end of the journey to destination, with a dialogue the app informs me exact kilometers and time I travelled and how much billing has been taken place. From my credit card, money is deducted automatically without any hassle of hard cash. Finally, Blacklane sends an invoice of billing with all relevant information.

Besides, Blacklane used to send me notifications of various offers especially during festive seasons like Christmas. By availing those my travel appears to be much cheaper than earlier. The app is undoubtedly very fast and user-friendly too with some eye-catching user interface. When I say faster, I mean that the app does not take much time to load so I can navigate through it quickly. Also, the functionality of the app is effective.

Blacklane app has made my life way easier than earlier. I need to commute in different time of day and it is easy to book a Cab and start the journey. Quite simple in nature… I can pay by my Credit card that has helped me to move cashless which is of great advantage too. MUCH cheaper than catching a cab.