I recently came across an app named Super Panda Adventure Tour while browsing through the app store. The vibrant colors of the screenshots enticed me and I decided to give it a go. The game is simple and challenging and offers a number of levels up to 45 with 3 amazing worlds to choose from.

How to play it?

There are four buttons provided on the screen, left control, right control, jump and bat throw. All you need to do is
save the panda from the mushrooms, monsters and varied antagonists and collect coins as you move ahead using your controller. It gets fun when you compete for the first place in the leader-board. The game is addictive, fun and comes with a playful tune that keeps your smile on.

Following is a list of key features of the games that you come across whilst indulging in a quick game to the finish line.

  1. The game has simple mobile controls (four buttons to control)
  1. It has a challenging gameplay and comes with 3 worlds and 45 levels.
  1. As you finish one level after another, your enemies in the game get faster, more intelligent and progressive.
  1. There is a total of 47 competitive Leaderboards and about 57 achievements.

My Review:

I noticed that the enemies, monsters or rivals change over time, sometimes it a mushroom, other times it’s a
skull-head, one-eyed monster, green slimy rivals, pink piggies and more. This gives more depth to the gameplay since you tend to fight and score amongst a number of antagonists.

It takes a while to take control of the panda at first. The left side of the screen has the left and right control
whereas the throw bat button and jump controls are to the right. A left-handed a person, like me, may have issues while playing this since our hands and fingers dexterity differs compared to right-handed users.

However, after getting a hang of it, I enjoyed playing it. Most games come with a pause button and so does the Super
Panda Adventure Tour – which is quite needed when you are looking to urgently sway away from the screen for other work.

The game is a fun jumping platformer – exciting enough for all age groups. Playing it makes me feel nostalgic as it rightly captures the essence of the 80s gaming experience.

What needs to be rectified:

  1. There were some minor glitches in the game. The panda doesn’t move swiftly always. But after restarting the game and beginning my panda tour, it worked perfectly fine.
  1. When you start Super Panda Adventure Tour you are taken to a display that displays a number of options on the top left corner of the screen, for instance, Leaderboard, share button, shop, achievements, and levels. However, when I click on them, there were no actions taken.
  1. Only the shop button works and it displays a pop up with an option to purchase from. You can shop for extra bats or unlock all levels using the coins you collect during your panda tour. You can also pay to unlock levels, get more coins and upgrade your panda’s skills.

The developer can certainly improve the gameplay with better and swift controls. I would like to rate this app a 4 out
of 5 stars and takes up 360mb of storage on your IOS. if you whittle down the negatives, the gaming experience is top notch.

Kudos to the makers for creating a game that can step foot on the list of some of the best jump 2D platformers
available on the app store. Also, Super Panda Adventure Tour is available on the app store for iPhone and IPad users.

Worth Having App – Download the App