Technology has affected all of us in various ways and in all aspects of our lives. The operations of our lives have changed and now it is almost impossible to operate without technology. Digitization has transformed our cooking, driving, working and even enjoying our leisure time. Schoolwork has not been spared of these changes with technology. Homework is changing from the way it is given and done while the teachers use these modern learning methods in classrooms. Technology has brought students to a level that they reason together with their teachers and the learning is student oriented. There is a push for the education sector to fully reconfigure and incorporate technology into it. Students have moved from having a limited access to the school lab to having my bio lab on the go.

  1. There has been a massive increase in the use of technology in the classroom. In the recent past, technology was seen as disruptive in a classroom, but that has changed. It is inevitable for one to have a technological tool in class. Schools have increased the number of computers used for students covering a huge percentage of students that have access to a computer during their stay in school.
  2. Technology has been known to produce positive outcomes in classrooms and even during undertaking homework. Most lower class teachers say that with the use of technology they have been able to easily expand their curriculum and reinforce it. At the same time, students say that the use of technology is a motivator for them because learning is more enjoyable. Learning used to be all about taking notes and the teacher drawing diagrams sometimes making it challenging to effectively demonstrate what they are teaching. With the use of technology that has changed, they have all they need to clearly demonstrate their lessons and students relate images to notes better.
  3. Teachers are slowly adapting to using technology to make lesson plans and allowing students to use web-based activities and games for class work.
  4. In the classroom technology has made it easy for students to access resourceful learning materials easily and instantly as compared to going to the library looking for the same information. Technology is effective and efficient in bringing numerous answers to a particular subject.
  5. Most of the students use technology to complete their assignments while teachers use the same technology to formulate homework for their students.
  6. Technology allows students to express themselves in their writing. Tools used in technology have helped students to engage with others of higher levels than them and they have been able to improve their writing skills and creativity.
  7. Mobile phones have proved to be effective in a classroom because they reduce the amount of paper used, absent students keep up with missed lessons, apps cover a wide range of things, enhances learning styles and it offers different topics for the students to study. It is estimated that in the near future, students will be tested through the use of electronic devices.
  8. The emergence of applications for each and everything is also effective in classrooms. Some studies done showed that apps effectively improved the performance of students who used them compared to the ones who used the traditional method which was used textbooks for learning.
  9. Most students have shifted to using technological gadgets to complete their homework’s.
  10. Technology has changed teacher-student interaction, especially in a classroom. Teachers’ process information then sends it via technology and which is received by students and they use the information to meet the set learning standards and goals. Instead of students spending their time in a lecture hall listening to the professor and later completing the homework. Lecturers easily record videos of their lessons, then upload them for the students to access and they learn at their own pace and they can even repeat the lecture as many times as they would like until they understand. Lecture and classroom times have been set aside to concentrate more on activities, exams, and projects. This has made it easy for students to understand better and lecturers have more time to demonstrate the studies.
  11. Digitization has enabled students to get real-time feedback on their progressive homework. The teacher quickly identifies when a student needs to reconsider their answers.
  12. Students have used social media as an important tool not just to catch up with friends, but form beneficial communities which assist with homework through discussions. Students are not limited to interactions with their classmates only. They connect with students from other schools and students ahead of them in studies and even interact from all over the world.

Homework has not only transformed the homework and classrooms only, but even parents have benefited because they have become more involved in their children’s class work and homework. Many schools have developed a learning management system which includes parents in the system and they are able to easily monitor the progress of learning. Teachers have instilled good gadget use habits in students by constantly involving them to use their gadgets in class work and increased their creativity by allowing them to design their own homework.

Students all in all have learned that technology is not just an entertainment tool. It is also essential for school work and custom college essays and it can be used to develop productive habits instead of it being destructive.