Hey, Guys are you planning to date? Here I am going to introduce you to a dating app named as IceBreaker which I used this week. Unlike the other dating apps, it’s an app which helps in better connectivity of two people. Are you curious to know the details? Just keep on reading this to know more.

General Intro:

Before moving further I want to make things clear that it is a normal dating app which really helpful in making the things easy while dating. It’s not an app which deals in seeking of men or women. It is only a normal app which helps you in making your conversation easy. Want to know how? Read the next section.

IceBreaking main use:

The main use of this app is to know your partner well. To know more read the next section i.e. its working.

IceBreaking Working Strategies:

The working of this app is as follow

  • Install & download on your device.
  • Open it and then click on start button.
  • The question will appear on the screen.
  • Ask the question or answer for the same and then swipe it to get next question.
  • Finally, you will meet ‘The End’ page when all the questions will be over.

IceBreaking Top Features:

  • Easy to handle
  • Does not contain any complex working
  • Having a good layout
  • User-Friendly app
  • Good user interaction

Availability & Price:

The app is available at Google Play Store and Apple Store at the price of $0.99.

Additional information

  • Developed by: Fabien Huent
  • Language: English & French
  • Size: 23.8 MB
  • Suitable for: Both men & women

What type of question it present?

The questions are normal and sensible. They all are taken from the study by Arthur Aron. You can also find the PDF file mention in the description of this app. The questions are such that you can know your date-mate very well.

Was IceBreaker Helpful for me?

Yes, IceBreaker was really helpful for me in knowing the things more deeply about my partner. We shared so many things and we feel more comfortable also. So I just want to say thanks to bringing this concept in front of me.

What is my suggestion about IceBreaker?

In my suggestion, IceBreaker app is nice and helpful in carrying out decent date. I wish I could find an updated version of this app with more good questions that are really helpful.

Final Words about IceBreaker:

In my final words, I just want to include that IceBreaker is a great place to find the way of decent and cool date. I would like to recommend this app to all my readers here. If you really want to know your partner then take the help of this app. Install and play the question answer fun while dating. Thanks for reading!!!


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