Have you ever wanted to search for a restaurant’s review? Have you ever wanted to make a decision on which restaurant you should dine in when you are with indecisive hungry diners? Or you might want to know if the food is free of allergens – say peanuts, soy or corn. Then you must definitely want to look out for an app that could give you all these details.

Given by Vanguard I.T., I came across an app named No Dining Curves that gives me all the details regarding the restaurants in and around you whenever you feel like having some food. The app allows you to gather health inspection grades, customer grades and restaurant menus, so that you will have the safest and most satisfying dining experience.

The app, No Dining Curves comes with a simple and neat user interface with the following menu items: Favorites, Recommended, A-Listers, Location and Cuisine. The app brings in the location of each restaurant with a map. Each section features the restaurants based on Favorites, recommendations and the list of those restaurants that come with ‘A’.

The app also tells about the location of the restaurant in the map by showing the exact address, inspection & customer grade and distance. The cuisine type is mentioned in the app – it can be Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai or whatever so that users can search accordingly. Users will be able to find the menu of the restaurant in the app. It does not ask for the user to download the PDF files as everything is clearly listed in. 

No Dining Curves belong to the ‘Food & Drink’ category and it allows for users to find the best restaurant or bar in the following cities in the country: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle.

Updated by the team on April 24, 2020, the app comes in handy when you want to locate the finest restaurants and bars in the town. The team of No Dining Curves can be found on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. No Dining Curves can be contacted through email for support on sales@vanguardinfotech.com.

With No Dining Curves downloaded on your smartphone, you will never again go to eat out without it. The app is very helpful when you want to eat healthy and you will discover for yourself, how useful it is.

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