With the influx of online buyers continuously growing every day, the supply of items online could be sold out in a matter of seconds. From concert tickets to Jordan sneakers, there are always buyers who would be waiting so that they could buy items as soon as they are available in online stores in different platforms. Because of this, how do you keep up and be updated on your desired items that are hard to get?

To answer this problem, the I4U LLC created a solution by creating an online app called The Tracker by I4U News. This app helps pacify the problem by sending notifications on your smartphone whenever a popular item that you want is in stock and ready for purchase. The app categorizes these products from different online stores including electronics and accessories. The app also features price drop notification in which it tells you whenever a price of a popular item drops. After downloading the app, there are different list of products that you can top in order for you to be notified. The online tracking inventory app is available for free in iOs and Android.

There are two factors that are great in this app. It is the curation of the inventory of products and the real-life update speed. It takes away the hassle of looking up various products that you might need by creating a list of items that you want in an online shop that offers that product. Furthermore, with the personalized notification set-up, every notification that you receive is about an item that you care and not some other product that you do not need. With smart phones already injected in our daily lives, this saves us a lot of time and energy to do other productive things rather than constantly checking various online stores for a product that is difficult to find.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are a few issues that are commonly found in any new application. There were several back-end and bug issues of the application in both the iOs and Android. It was difficult to connect at times. There were issues of several delays and launching problems in the app. Though the developers are continuously fixing and enhancing the applications, there is still an existing problem of differentiating over-priced products from suspicious third-party retailers and other scalpers. Because of this problem, some notifications would from scalpers about their over-priced products.

Despite a few set-backs, the app is still promising and greatly beneficial because of the function itself. The notification system and even the price drop feature greatly helps the consumers the frustration of always checking online stores in which they end up not getting the product that they want. It is time-saving and convenient. It undeniably needs constant improvement, but it functions exactly how it’s named; tracking difficult to find products easily for you. The app may not be perfect as of the moment, but over-all it gets the job done. 

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