The launch of Shoply mobile app is one of the things that brought a lot of joy to many mobile users. The Shoply app is a mobile application that is compatible with the iPhone and iPads. Perhaps you are tempted to ask, what exactly is Shoply iPhone app? It is an application that serves to simplify one’s shopping experience by discovering discounts for various items in given retail store. In addition this app includes storage of gift cards, loyalty key tags and coupons through a digital check pouch. As such, this app comes to connect the gap that exists between shoppers and their shopping experience. It has been said that the current purchase path is cluttered.

There are numerous coupons all over that go into waste and gift cards remain unclaimed for a whole year. Shoply mobile app was thus created to bridge the gap between unclaimed gift cards, uncollected coupons and shoppers. The application makes it easy for the users to discover available deals as well as organize their shopping. Through its amazing features such as the helpful reminder feature, no item or deal will go unreported. It is designed in a way that the feature alerts you about the things happening around you. However, the good thing is that it only sends alerts about things and deals that are within your preference and style.

Different from several other savings applications that are common in the market, this new application adopts a human feel. Shoply is managed by deal hunters who are experienced to hand-curate for the best offers about lifestyle, home décor and fashion. With over 200 retailers all over, there is no doubt that the app will give you the best deals. The application uses intelligent algorithms that are able to offer shoppers a personalized offer with respect to their tastes, preference and even the style. Such personalization is important since it avoids a situation where users are inundated with coupons that do not match their tastes and preferences.


The Shoply mobile app is all about user engagement and experience. With this app shoppers get an improved shopping experience that is contextualized and personalized. Iphone users who have installed Shoply will be able to store their paper coupons along with other starred digital deals. In addition, through the app’s incentive program, users can accumulate points every time they make transactions and share deals through social media platforms. The points so accumulated can be redeemed for electronic gift cards.

Evidently, Shoply is just what many people had been looking for- a mobile application that assists you with your shopping. Have you installed Shoply app in your device yet? What are you waiting for? Hurry and get yourself your digital wallet. It will pull coupons, gift cards and deals towards you. Ensure that you frequently use Shoply mobile app. Such frequency helps the app to be aware of your tastes and style. However, it is important to note that the Shoply mobile app is currently available for devices such as iphones and iPads. Nevertheless, trends are showing that more is yet to come.