Lately, I have been really busy renovating my flat in London and having to deal with a lot of contractors has not been easy. I wished they had a simpler ways of asking for their requirements and keeping track of things. By chance I came across TREXIS, an app developed by SDG Consult Limited UK for the App Store & Google Play that was designed to do exactly that, help contractors keep track of clients and jobs, so I recommended to some of them who started using it straight away. One even gave me a discount to thank me for the suggestion. I was really happy about it so I thought of writing this review. 

What is TREXIS?

TREXIS is a web platform and mobile app that enables companies and contractors in various industries but especially in the construction and renovation business to increase their business by streamlining the process of securing a job with their client, while minimizing costs and increasing effectiveness.

Important Benefits of TREXIS

Ability to track your jobs

TREXIS professionally offers online tools for tracking your jobs, status, history, progress and more. You can know exactly who is working on what and make sure your customers are taken care of.

Ability to track clients 

With TREXIS your clients with enter their contacts and the specifications of their job themselves. This way you are sure they are accurate and you can easily decide to take the job or not. Besides, you can always contact them later if you they might need your services again. 

Value for money

You can try TREXIS with 10 free job forms, then starting from £5.99/month, really a small price for the value it gives you to keep your clients, jobs and your team organised. 

Search and catalogue

Navigate and catalogue your jobs as required. You can view a complete history of all interactions with your customers. Get catalogue for easy listing and advanced search.

Increase productivity

Through dynamic forms, pictures and videos of your customer’s premises, your productivity will increase. Not only it will save money by not having to drive to every customer just to provide a quote, but it will always be prepared before going to a site.

On demand reports

Generate reports with a click of a button. View graphs and statistics on how your business is doing by category and dates.

How the app works

Engage your client

Primarily send your client a text message or e-mail with a generated link from your personal dashboard.

Client fills out a customised form

By using the link, client fills out a form, from the customised set of forms you have created.

Client sends images & video

It is illustrated that client then uploads images and video from their phone with a tap of a button which helps your team decide what it takes to get the job done and how to proceed.

Manage everything from your dashboard

You can use your dashboard to manage all jobs and you have full control. It is possible to see the status of each job, the history, pictures, videos and comments. You can also view statistics, charts, and reports. Manage your company staff, access rights and see how your resources are being effectively utilised.


I strongly suggest giving TREXIS app a try if you are looking for a personal mobile assistant to help you keep track of jobs and clients on the go. The app is available in the App Stores and Google Pay for the UK market and soon expanding internationally.