This is an oil price app only designed for iPhone, iPod and iPad users only. You don’t have to suffer for lack of information or pay for simple information that you could easily access. To get all information about trending news on oil prices gathered by the best journalist around the world.

You will also get the best ways of using gas and other alternatives you can try. You will also get news on what is happening in the oil market.

Whom it is made for:
Made for any iPhone, iPod or iPad user, who wishes to get updates on what’s happening around the world on oil and prices.

Features of oil price iPhone App

It is equipped with a currency converter
In case you require to do some currency conversions and other similar calculations.
Contains a news feed button.So that if you clicked you will get all news from all over the world, you will get updates on the price change, emerging news on the oil market or any relevant information.
An option where you can enable or maybe disable the news feed.
Has informative charts that could be zoomed.
Has all live prices on live gas and prices on benchmarks which includes the Dubai Crude Oil, OPEC Basket Price, Natural Gas, Brent, and Oman Crude Oil.
Can also predict future oil prices.

What is new?

It has been improved to be more stable.

Benefits of oil price app energy news

The app is able to analyze data from the leading journalist around the world quickly and it gives you back the feedback instantly

It can access the latest oil prices and energy news all over the world

The app is able to alert you for incoming market data

This app works with the largest financial news and it gives news and provides news and industry analysis to sites such as yahoo finance CNN money

Due to the customizable feature in the app, the app becomes easy to use and more friendly

You can share your oil stock and energy news anywhere to your network or to your network

The power of working with many energy news companies helps the app to give you the correct data and what is happening to every corner of the world

The app is compatible with the latest iPhone version 10 and in all iPhone devices which include iPhone iPod touch or iPad.


The user can customize his or her own portfolio around any news
Instant alerts of on energy news
The app theme is user-friendly
The app is easy to use making it user-friendly
It can fetch energy news more than any website another website
Compatible with all iPhone versions

OilPrice feedback

OilPrice app features will be constantly be updated to give you the best information and your personal liking

Customer reviews

The app is very easily understood
It has been rated with 5 stars
This app is reliable

More information on the OilPrice App
Seller: James Stafford
Total size: 73.7
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Types of language: English
Price: free
Category: news
Copyright: © 2018

Keep yourself updated on the happenings of the oil market by downloading and installing this amazing app on your iPhone device today.

Get to know all news on crude oil prices and gas prices every time you refer to on your device without paying a cent for this app is free!

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