Each new online gaming website boasts a unique set of games but most of the time, fall short of expectations. This is perhaps because online casino games have become extremely common and arguably repetitive. Every gaming hall one goes to has more or less the same set of offers. This monotony of online gambling is broken by a brand new app brought to you on iOS. Casino Over Under brings a never before online gaming experience. The app is created by LLC and is compatible with iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Casino Over Under can be found on the Apple App Store and can be downloaded onto your device completely free of cost.

Taking up only 21.1 MB of memory space, the latest version of this app is 2.1 and requires an iOS7 or above to function properly. So what is special about this app that sets it apart? The special feature of this app is the fact that it brings to you a brand new gambling game called Over Under. This new game has not been yet introduced to casinos and gaming hells worldwide and the purpose of this app is to make people aware of it. By exposing people to this new game through the app, the creators are confident that their invention will be positively accepted and welcomed by the people in the real gambling world.

Casino Over Under takes only a couple of minutes to be downloaded on your device and presents 4 levels of gaming tables in the beginning. These range from low limit tables which require a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $100, to VIP tables that have a lower limit of $5000 and an upper limit of $100,000. Once you select a gaming table to begin, a tutorial is offered that teaches you how to play in a very easy to follow, step by step fashion. As you make your moves, the tutorial keeps indicating the next steps and your current options. Your earnings are shown in a box on the top right hand corner of the screen and the bottom left side shows you your hand of cards. Each player is dealt three cards to play with. Chips are placed on the bottom of the screen.

The game is begun by you selecting an ante chip to start the game with. Then as you press deal, one of three cards is revealed. Now you have to make a calculated guess that the total of the three cards dealt to you will be over or under. Once you select the option you think will be most likely, the remaining two cards are revealed and your total appears. If you played right, your winnings shown on the top right will indicate an increase but if you lose, those winnings are subsequently decreased. There is an option of a bonus available that may increase your winnings tenfold if used wisely.


Once players have made enough winnings to unlock a new level of gaming tables, they may play at higher stakes and avail better chances of winning large amounts of money.

Casino Over Under is an extremely easy to use game that appears to be creatively designed and very enjoyable to play. The smooth functioning of the gaming interface allows players to play and win efficiently and experience the thrills of gambling without any risks.

Over Under is expected to be introduced to live casinos in a few years, till then play this new game through the iOS app to your heart’s content!