TryAround has been one of the most talked about fitness trackers in the recent times and has been deemed as the best calorie counter and fitness tracker app with more than 900 workouts and physical activities.

If you want to burn calories quickly and track and complete your fitness activity automatically and seamlessly, TryAround is a powerful productivity tool. The app can easily be downloaded on iPhones and Androids from iTunes and Google stores for a minimal price of around $7. Why would you pay even $7 for an app when you can get many other similar apps doing the same job for free from the online stores, you would ask? A very valid question! But when you see all the benefits that this app offers you for tracking your physical fitness activity, you will be least worried about the price you pay to access all the goodness of this app. Now, of course, everything in the world comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the TryAround app is no different.

Let’s take a look at some of its advantages

First and be pleasantly surprised how it is different and much better than many other similar apps on the app store.

The app uses metabolic equivalent (MET) values to come up with your calories. These values are scientifically researched and that is the reason the TryAround app boasts of giving you most accurate results and figures. For those who are new to the world of calories, MET is equal to the total energy you burn as part of all the strenuous physical activity you do during a day. Using the app, you can find out the average number of calories you burn in a day and then develop a calorie burner planner in the app to keep you motivated on your path to not just losing weight but also being fit and healthy.

Some of its other advantages are that:

Its interface is very easy to manage and your fitness history, goals and planners are very easy to view. It sends you notifications and reminders to complete your goals on a daily basis

It can calculate how much calories you burn for over 900 activities including your custom activities and sports, etc. The app does not share your results and data with others on social media so all your data is contained in your phone and is there for only you to use.
But it is hard to ignore the disadvantages of TryAround or other fitness trackers available in the market. They all have the same pain points and lack in answering questions that we all tend to ask ourselves from time to time. For example, with TryAround, there arises the question of how accurate are the calorie estimates that the app generates. Although they claim they are accurate, the estimates are based on an average person of your age, body weight and activity level, so it can be close but not 100 per cent accurate. The second thing is how well does the app record your physical activity? This app is better than many others as it tracks your physical activity on your sweat level, body temperature and heart rate, there is still room for misses and that is what makes the difference.

As we said, while there are some disadvantages to the app, TryAround is still one of the best available calorie burner app in the market and it is better to have a companion that can do all the maths for you while you are busy meeting your fitness goals.

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