By having a good internet connection and a strong WIFI signal you should be able to download this game in less than 5 minutes, even though it has no less than 330MB. When I first launched the game I had to wait about 30 seconds until a progress bar filled up. However, after it filled up, another ‘Loading’ screen popped up, making me wait for another 15 seconds. This is somehow understandable because the game is quite large. The music at the main menu sounds pretty cool, something like a battle song. The game’s purpose is to make your way with your main character through a map full of missions and battles. You also have the ability of spawning troops of your own. On each level you will encounter enemy troops and buildings that need to be destroyed. It’s a cool story that impressed me from the very first time when I ran Royal Revolt. You can also learn spells and use them whenever you need. The troops can be upgraded in order to be stronger in the battle. I have to admit that controlling the character can be tricky sometimes, especially if you are running the game on a small device.

It’s an RPG, or at least a successful try of an RPG. You character will level up, becoming stronger and learning more skills. I dare to say that it has all what it takes in order to keep you playing for hours, even days. In game you can purchase gems which will be used for buying all sorts of upgrades and speeding things up, but you can do so with gold; gold is earned from battles.
With Royal Revolt you almost have two combined genres in one: an RPG and a Puzzle game. You have the freedom of moving the character around, but you also have an overall progress map where you need to progress with small steps in order to reach the final goal. I have to mention that on a dual-core device with 1GB of RAM there were no problems in running the game at a rate of 30FPS.