Over the past years, the trend of shopping has evolved a lot. Shopping hasn’t changed as it still brings the same smile and delight on your face as it did fifty years earlier, but it’s the style and way of shopping that has taken a 360 degree swing. We still have markets, I mean physical markets but they’re more or less not the same anymore. The foothold has declined immensely and a big credit for that goes to the online shopping websites. If you’re getting the same product delivered on your home for the same price or sometimes even less, then who on this earth would be willing to cancel his family picnic to go out and shop! But is this the end to “market-evolution”? Have we figured out all the possible formulae to this equation? I don’t think we have and I guess we have one such formula to be explored below.

If you’re still guessing what I’m talking about, then it’s the new iOS app called Visho that has been developed by Buddyhaha Pvt. Ltd. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

Visho is an online marketplace where you can come anytime, buy the things you like and if you’ve got anything to offer, you’re most welcome. So you’re not tagged as a buyer or a seller; it’s your own choice. You may come as a buyer and go out as a seller or vice-versa. Suppose you have an antique piece of wooden handicraft that you were gifted by your Grandfather. But as the time passes, you start losing interest in it and it’s nothing more than a memory of your Grandfather. But then you have many other gifts by your Grandfather. So you decide to sell it on Visho. So what you have to do is just create a simple-short video of that item so that its each and every part is clear and observable to the eye of the probable buyer. Then you just upload it on the Visho network with helpful tags like ancient, wooden handicraft, etc.

For any passionate art-collector who’s looking for such an article, he can search in by typing the proper keywords right away. Once he finds your post, he might send you a message on the in-app messenger or he might just meet you up if your house’s in close locality, by tracing your location via in-app maps. The same thing goes for you as a buyer. You can also check out the latest trends in your nearby localities or find out what your friends are selling or buying. You might find something interesting in that big heap of ideas.

The developers have crafted out a very neat, organized and simple interface, one that keeps you notified of every single development/update around you. You’re close to the products you’re selling and even closer to those you’re going to buy!

The app’s available for free in the App Store. So when you have to shop now, don’t “get out” of your homes; just “take out” your Visho app and start shopping!

Pros: sell and buy simultaneously; in-app messenger to talk to your buyers; well-organized; in-app map application; live feed from friends and nearby areas; free.

Cons: none.