Life without sound is not a life. But we don’t expect to listen to the horns of vehicles in the midway of a highway jam. If the right notes and right frequencies are not hit, you cannot expect your ears to praise it and that’s what music is all about. Music is about creating sounds that everyone would listen to again and again; that create a resonance with one’s soul; that is an expression of one’s emotions. We have a music industry and there are some limited people linked with that industry, but it doesn’t mean that you need a label on your collar to start creating music. You just need an instrument and you’re ready to draw your paintings on fresh air. You don’t even need to have any professional training of the instrument. So if you’re ready to give it a fresh start and you don’t have the money for the instrument, here’s a way out!

It’s the Android app called Walk Band that has been developed by Revontulet Studio. The app’s compatibility varies with different devices.

Walk Band gives you that opportunity to explore different instruments for free and you can use it anywhere. Just imagine how productive those boring college lectures can be! There are many different instruments incorporated into a single app – Piano, Guitar, Drum kit and bass and if you have your own MIDI keyboard, you can connect it with the device and there you have your own small studio right in the middle of the street. There is a multi-track synthesizer that will help you to merge different tracks into a single anthem.

You might find many other apps with a similar set of instruments but what makes this app so amazing is the degree to which these instruments are close to the professional ones. If you have Walk Band and you have the basic knowledge of notes, scales and chords, you can create any track that you can possibly create in a studio. Combining different instruments is fun but what’s more enthusiastic is when you play with the arrangements like you’re playing a game. You enjoy full freedom in trying something new. Just save the previous work and let new tunes come out of your imagination.


Like I said, this app is for everyone. If you’re a professional studio engineer, you can use this app on your way home and work on your tracks. But if you’re just interested in and looking for a demo class of music, your destination is still in the same direction. It might even help you choose the right instrument for you. Sometimes you want to learn guitar after watching your friend playing it, but piano was the natural call for you. So let your fingers take the steering and your ears guide them. You’re soon to reach where you belong.

The app is available for free in the Play Store and as Linkin Park says: “So what the hell are waiting for”!

Pros: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Multi-track Synthesizer, external Midi Keyboard; professional studio-like UI; for everyone; free.

Cons: none.