Yes, PDF (Portable Document Format) is indicated as the most mobile-friendly document format around the digital world. It is not sound strange as there is innumerable PDF app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. On the other hand, RTF (Rich Text Format) is referred to as a document file type that is highly compatible with most word processors. Even, also it works best for sharing documents. But RTF file type is not an ideal format for sharing sensitive information. So, for your compatibility and security concerns, you have to use an online RTF to PDF converter app to turn RTF into PDF.

Well, here you can go through different iOS apps to reveal only the best Rich Text format to PDF conversions. let’s take a look:

DocAS Lite:

Get this RTF to PDF converter for free through which you can install on your iPhone to convert RTF file to PDF document. This app is packed with stunning features that work best when it comes to reading a PDF file. You could use this Rich Text Format to PDF converter to add notes, URLs, and photos to a PDF document before sharing it.

Why Use this App:

  • It is 100% free and comes with a user-friendly interface
  • The upside is that it supports iOS 6 and above, even works efficiently on older iPhone models
  • Account this app to annotate the Adobe PDF document in numerous ways

PDF Converter Documents to PDF:

This is another RTF to PDF converter that you can now download on your iPhone to convert RTF to PDF within a fraction of seconds. It is quite easy to use and loaded with innumerable features through which you can easily merge several PDF files. Also, this Rich Text Document to PDF converter comes with multiple sharing capabilities, even letting you share your PDF files via email or Dropbox.

Why Use this App:

  • 100% free rich text format to PDF conversions while preserving the layout of a document
  • Facilitate you with merging several PDFs into one

Rich Text & File Manager:

This RTF to PDF converter online not only lets you convert RTF files to PDF on iPhone but is even useful to create RTF documentation right on your device. The fully free version of Ricoh Text & File Manager is highly best for creating and sharing RTF documents. Even, you could use this app to zip and Unzip files. But, if you want to convert RTFs to PDF, you have to purchase the PRO version.

  • Why Use this App:
  • Work efficiently to create, zip, and unzip RTF files
  • This app is iOS 7 and older, try this even for older iOS devices
  • Loaded with convenient user-interface

Able2Etract PDF Converter:

Able2Etract PDF Converter is referred to as the most useful PDF app for Android devices. As it is a free RTF to PDF converter that allows you to convert RTF to PDF or other document formats to PDF and is best for sharing converted PDF documents via other applications.

Why Use this App:

  • Efficient and convenient UI
  • Does not distort the quality of the document while converting
  • Allow you to share the converted PDF using email or cloud storage options including Google Drive and Dropbox

File Converter:

If you people are seeking a complete file conversion app through which you can convert all types of files to other formats, this “file converter for Android” is the thing you need. It supports an innumerable range of formats including RTF documents to PDF files. Once RTF turns into PDF with this RTF to PDF converter, you can be able to store your file on the device or Micro SD card, even share via email.

Why Use this App:

  • Allow you to convert up to 100 file formats from one format to another
  • RTF to PDF conversion takes a couple of seconds
  • Once the file is converted, you could share it via Bluetooth, email, or even cloud services
  • 100% free

Thankfully, you come to know how to convert rich text to pdf without losing the layout of the original document file. Hold one of the above-mentioned apps to proceed with precise and quality conversions right now. Good Luck!