Flying Witch Mania is a revolutionary and outstanding game that employs a blend of concentration with the ability to act immediately. This engaging game requires you to help the witch fly through fierce flames.

The game is set in a land full of best of nature’s beauty. However, bizarre thing starts to happen, and the once quiet and peaceful area is full of chaos and sadistic events. On the other hand, Makoto Kowata is just a 15-year-old girl from Yokohama is moving to the area with her black cat, Chito and is set to live with her relatives in Aomori. The young lady has trained as a witch, and she intends to use her powers in this new land. Makoto quickly hits it off with her second cousins Chinatsu and Kei and the three girls are set to enjoy life as they make out the best of every moment. Though Makoto’s powers are limited to just flying through the sky, a player is taken through an excoriating ride great intense fun and speculation. 

Features of Flying Witch Mania

  • The witch is designed to keep on moving forward, and a player is required to employ a variety of jumps just to navigate.
  • Unlimited gameplay – Characters’ behavior keep changing based on the timing of your taps, and it is up to a player to display smooth moves as they collect bones to advance to the next level. 
  • Choose between 8 different characters- A player chooses between the eight fantastic characters and selects the one they will play with. You are then to show off your unique and stylish moves in competing against friends and challenging people from all over the world. You get to compete against other players who are also employing stylish moves to earn the highest score. 
  • In the following adventure, you are then required to collect as many bones as you can. Use the bones to unlock characters.
  • Use unique gadgets and equipment- A player can also employ the use of devices or equipment to advance your hero to a higher level. 
  • Climb to the top of the leader-board

– The goal is to climb to the highest part of the leader-board and keep ahead of all other players.

  • Challenge your friends- Once at the top of the leaderboard; you can then challenge other people to play. 


  • Unique and entertaining
  • Engaging
  • Simple to play


  • Simple story

Final Verdict

The simple yet captivating story with heartfelt moments with blow you mind away. From the very likable characters that will keep you playing, to the classic plot of the game this a great work of art. It has been executed flawlessly.

The developers have tried to eliminate the cliché unnecessary romantic drama and have replaced the moment with fun family time and characters enjoying every day moments with their friends and family members. It is interesting to watch the young girls make the best out of their life and live life to the fullest amid the daily struggles in the land.

The fact that the storyline revolves around witches introduces players to a story that is often left untold. The supernatural element is so unique and will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Another classy twist is the making of the main character that is not likable at first. Makoto has a materialistic instinct that is far beyond what you could imagine. The classic introduction to characters and their development is a thing of beauty. This game introduces you to a new world of gaming experience. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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