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Every day is a blessed day on earth which God has bestowed on us so it matters a lot that how productive we use it to remember God. The Daily Bible & Biblical podcast player is the best application available in the play store for all Bible lovers who dedicate their life to spirituality. Gain more confidence with the biblical verses and quotes and a peaceful way of life by entrusting it to God. This application is user-friendly, professional and a smart application that best suits the current needs of the user. You can enjoy hundreds of Bible phrases and the most known Bible verses and with it, you can access the best verse of the day any day any time and anywhere.

About Daily Bible & Biblical podcast player

  • You will be passionate about the best short bible verses, the best Christian phrases, biblical promises, phrases for the sick, Jesus phrases, and biblical quotes from the old and new testament.
  • Find the word of God every day with the best phrases of faith and hope, proverbs, and Christian reflections.
  • Illuminate your day by day and learn more about the different verses and phrases of the bible meticulously ordered by topic.
  • You will find Bible verses and Bible phrases, among our 100 topics: worship and praise, joy goodness and gratitude, friend, love, angels, God, blessing, compassion and mercy, marriage, confession of sins, crucifixion, sickness, hope, Jesus, church, values and many others.
  • This application is very simple to use and that will make you only have to worry about choosing the texts of the Bible that you like and love the most from Psalms, Hebrews, Luke, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Job, Matthew, Jeremiah, Joshua, Corinthians, Ecclesiastes, Samuel, Romans, Timothy, 1 John, and many more of Old and New Testament.

Friendly Features of  Daily Bible & Biblical podcast player

  • Friendly, professional and easy to use interface.
  •  Access to the category: the best of the day.
  • 100 different topics.
  •  Hundreds of Bible phrases (Bible verses or short Bible passages).
     Interactive links. You can see the verses that more people like and that more “likes” receive.
  •  Share (with 1 click) the verses in your favorite social networks: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
     In 3 languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  •  Totally free. No added payments or small print.
     We keep developing and improving the application to make it a reference and bring the best to our beloved users.

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Final Say,

Daily Bible & Biblical podcast player application is 100% free and has no hidden fees or memberships. It is definitely a handy application for all Bible lovers to spread God’s words and enjoy life with peace of mind.

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