Today, people are moving to social media websites instead of reading a newspaper or talking to someone. They post everything to the social media platforms to gain the attention of the audience. However, it’s good to post, but do you know the content you’re posting is proper? Especially, when you’re posting for your business needs, isn’t it necessary to make the content effective to increase the number of audience. If the content attracts the people, it will maximise the digital media audience and hence leaves a positive impact on your business.

Woofy is a platform which helps the business clients to connect with their customers and create new customers as well. If you own a particular brand or just want to promote a brand, you need social media. Woofy just simplifies the competition in the present digital marketing by giving you suggestions about the content that you post!

Woofy has a social media dashboard to rule everything. It’s simple, organised and everything is integrated into one place to help you manage multiple social networks and keep your campaigns organized, while saving time and resources. The app scans your library for compliance and makes appropriate suggestions whenever necessary. You can bring your own brand authentic content, generate new content from URLs, import RSS feeds and many more.

Woofy helps you manage your social media marketing with data science with the help of various tools such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), voice driven technology, and compliance engine. Once you open the website, you need to Sign Up and start creating marketing campaigns and execute them. You will be able to discover and generate unlimited content to your Facebook, Instagaram, Linked In accounts easily as well as avoid redundant content.

You know that executing campaigns with your team is easy, so you can set permissions, receive feedback, share with clients, and keep your campaigns moving with flexible team collaboration functions. You can maximize your marketing budget with automation, intelligence and a personal voice assistant to help you get started.

The website uses AI to provide you the content suggestions that are useful for you and of course Woofy learns new tricks. Woofy helps you to eliminate wasted time and efforts creating and optimising schedules and workflow. It figures out everything whether its content, graphics or when, how and where to post. You can start a marketing campaign using your voice because it has an innovative built-in voice assist which allows you to command your campaigns, create content, and navigate the platform by speaking.

So through this review, what I want to say is that, when you’re I’ll, you need a doctor, similarly you also need a doctor for the social media marketing if you want to get success in the digital marketing. Woofy is the ultimate solution for this!

Woofy costs you 44.10 $ / month @ half yearly and 41.65 $ / month @ annually. However, if you choose for an individual monthly plan, it will cost you 49 $ only.

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