For the people who are working with the digital marketing and want their Google Analytics data to be accurate and clear. UTM Generator is a webpage/ tool which asks you to fill some information and details about your campaigns and let’s you generate best practice trackable URLs. Unlike other tools, this UTM Generator helps you avoid all typical pitfalls and gives you consistent and clear reports.

What is a UTM Generator?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is a format that allows you to trace back the traffic if your website and attribute it to specific online marketing campaigns. You can optimize and adjust your online marketing strategy on an ongoing basis by knowing which traffic source is the most efficient and effective.

A UTM tracking link consists of a website url, tracking parameter, parameter value and a UTM tracking code. When all of these are combined, it forms a link known as a UTM tracking link which will be used in online marketing campaigns.

You need to simply fill some information and generate UTM tracking code for your website such as:

  1. Website URL- You need to enter the complete website as address such as
  2. Campaign Source- the referral source such as Google, newsletter.
  3. Campaign Medium- What’s your mode of Campaign,such as email, banner, etc.
  4. Campaign Name- such as Diwali_sale, summer_ sale.
  5. Campaign term- decorated_lanterns, cotton_t-shirts_sale
  6. Campaign content- a custom field to differentiate Campaigns

By filling the above information you can easily generate your UTM tracking link for your website. To analyse the campaigns, First, Login to your Google Analytics Account and follow the menu: Traffic > Sources > Campaigns. Click the campaigns and get the information related to the campaign such as name, source medium, term, etc.

How to best structure your UTM links, when running an online marketing campaign?

To promote an event online, you will advertise and spread the campaign through various online channels as an online marketer. For example- via social media channels, email invitations to your e-mail user base, promotion on external event promotion websites and possibly by displaying advertisements. So while planning the structure of your UTM tracking links, all these definitions makes a lot of sense and the parameters you use to generate the UTM tracking link.

You need to avoid the potential pitfalls and avoid the mistakes. When you’re working with an entire marketing team, it’s very important that everyone should follow the same conventions. If you do not follow and stick to your own conventions, the chances to lose data while creating custom reports in Google analytics are high. However, using a UTM Generator to create UTM tracking links helps you to avoid those common mistakes.

Overall, I would say that UTM Generator is the best platform to generate UTM tracking links for your business website. It’s available for free to everyone who need it!

Grab it before it’s gone!