Newsvoice is an app that allows the users to get to know the happenings in a short and crisp manner. It is one of the few apps that is totally unbiased. Any kind of political agenda is not entertained in this app. The articles found here in this app won’t have any kind of bias. This makes the articles interesting to read. The writers make sure that news pieces are well written with an in-depth analysis of what really happened. All the facts are mentioned without trying to force in conclusions.

You know how you read an article and then realize you want to know more about a particular statement mentioned in the article. It used to really frustrate me that I couldn’t do this with the other apps. This app came to my rescue on this point. I can easily keep clicking away to read an in-depth and detailed article on the same topic.

The customized feed is an advantage. I can upvote the articles I like and the app will store details about the topics I like to read. This has provided me with a feed that caters to my taste. Newsvoice also has an option called ‘Newsvoice Play’. Through this option, users can listen to a string of news articles. The articles are based on the upvoting pattern of the users. This feature acts as a news radio of sorts.

Here are some of the features of Newsvoice app

  • Newsvoice Play – an intuitive feature that can help read out the news articles.
  • An unbiased news app – providing the readers with concise and clear facts.
  • Knowledge transfer – Readers can discuss their perspectives and opinions on a particular topic with other users.
  • Overview, as well as analysis available – Readers can choose to read the short summary of an event or read about it in depth.

To summarize, Newsvoice is an innovative app that is the perfect fit for the fast paced generation of today. The busy world needs more such technologies that help people without disrupting their fast-paced lifestyle. It is available for download for iOS as well as Android platforms through App store and Play Store respectively. Newsvoice is compatible with iPads, iPods, and iPhones apart from the regular android phones. The basic features of the app are available for free with an in-app option to purchase some of the advanced features.

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