Puzzles are a great source of recharging your dead brain cells. If you have a Maths exam tomorrow, take any random puzzle out of newspapers or web and start solving it. Within minutes, whether you solve the puzzle or not, you’ll definitely start solving your Maths questions. That’s the effect of spending only a few minutes on a good interesting mind-boggling puzzle. There are thousands of such puzzles available on the internet but only few are considerable. Some of them are one-time puzzles and once you break the code, you have to move to the next one. But there are some long-lasting battles that are won over years. One such battle I’m asking you to be a part of because if you manage to win this battle, other battles won’t be matching your standards again. So let’s set the laws once and for all and let others watch and admire it!

It’s the latest iOS app X-Match that has been making rounds all across the globe right now. The web version of this app was played 7k+ times in 20 countries within its first 2 weeks of release. The app has been developed by Liqing Pan and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

X-Match is a very unique, simple, addictive but challenging puzzle that you’ll understand only when you’ll be at the brink of your first loss. You have to combine similar sets of number tiles like doubles or tetras or two different doubles and they’ll add up. Your aim is to get a score of greater than 10 which will automatically convert into X. Merging two such X will get you 2 points. So you have to keep generating X and score as high as possible. And when you fail to do so, you enter an endless loop called “X-Match Addiction”.

This game is a slow suicide! It might sound amusing or strange to some but that’s true. You’re always on a declining curve in this game but you never know it and that’s why this game is “a beautiful devil”. It seems you’re going very smooth and this journey of scores is never going to happen, but it happens at last and abruptly sometimes. So you were going on a highway to Las Vegas for your honeymoon and suddenly you run out of gas and there’s no one to help you. That’s the kind of feeling you’ll get here at the end. Strategy is a word that’s better left behind when you enter here.


The game looks very appealing and aesthetically well composed. As good as a puzzle it is, it has been put on the papers very beautifully as well and crafted by some good creative designers. So it’s a game that you’re going to enjoy over a long, very long period of time. Make sure you get it from the App Store today. It’s available for free!

Pros: unique concept; addictive gameplay; aesthetically well-composed; tutorials; free.

Cons: none.