Natenai brings you Virtual Horse Racing: The game seemed to load great to my Android, no issues or waiting, it loaded immediately. Virtual Horse Racing had a realistic look and feel to the technical side of how racing is. I did not feel that the 3D aspect of the graphics were that good, the horses seemed to lag a bit when racing.

This is a fun game for everyone out there that goes to the races, because this gives you the next closest thing to being there. You can challenge yourself and see how much you can win, even when you have never placed a bet before in your life.

The features of the game are real-time 3D graphics, with a virtual 3D sound system. I would like to see the developer of the game improve on the 3D graphics, to make it feel like you are there in the race! This is a simple game to play, with straight bets (win/place/show). There are always up to eight running per race, you can preview the horses and jockeys before the race. Just like the real deal, check out their stats to see whom you want to bet on.


It is amazing how much detail this game goes into with all the information. There are even details about the unique ability, the betting history (last1) and records, racing history (last1), real-time possible wins calculation, turf, track, prevent device to sleep, and do not forget the slow motion. Overall, it has the making of a great game; hope to see more from Natenai.