When you go to a carnival or a fair there are often games that draw your attention.  Play the game and win and walk away with a stuffed animal or toy of some sort.  It is often a way for a young man to gain the affections of his young lady.  Well now these games come to the entertainment of your handheld mobile device.


With the game Can knockdown you get an addictive game that is fun and enjoyable.  Just as you find in those little carnivals your goal is simple in concept but not always easy to do.  Simply take the ball and throw it at the cans.  Your goal is to knock down all the cans with one throw, or as few as possible.  The mind blowing art work will leave you wondering if you are actually playing the game in person or just on your phone.



This cool game is not only worthy of the download but worthy of your time playing it.  Yet it has some great little add ons and twists that you won’t find in person.  How many can knockdown games have you seen that contain an exploding can?  This game does, as well as many other additions that you will have to see for yourself.