A lot of people have played Temple Run and Subway Surfer, and Ninja Kid Run is basically just like both of those apps with a Ninja theme. Ninja Kid Run is a free running game available for iOS 5.1 or later on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and it is similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfer in a lot of ways. In this game you jump to avoid blocks, swipe to dodge obstacles, shoot to break objects like barrels open, and you can roll under obstacles as well.

You run and collect coins there are power ups available like magnets which collect every coin on the screen, a power up that increases your score by 2x, and a bunch of other power ups that help you on your missions. Mission objectives vary and include breaking a certain number of objects, collecting a set number of coins, and other objectives.


You can take different paths to collect coins and there is a flying power up. You throw shurikens to break objects and you dodge carriages on the path. You jump on trampolines to collect coins and sometimes the obstacles come fast so you’ll have to get good with the controls the further you go in the game. The blockades that you have to duck under and jump are some of the harder obstacles to avoid, but with enough practice you’ll get better at avoiding them.

If you haven’t played Subway Surfer or Temple Run already you will probably enjoy Ninja Run a lot, and if you’re looking for a game similar to those two you would also probably find Ninja Run fun. The game has a lot of positive reviews on iTunes. People like the game because it is addicting and the ninja is easy to control. It’s a definitely a fun entertaining and addicting game to pass the time if you need something to do.