Does your phone always freeze while using an application or playing a nice interesting game?

Do you sometimes have to restart your phone due to many processes running and causing an overload in the android device?

Does your device lose battery power so fast even if you do not use the device?

Do you always feel you need more applications but are afraid of the device not responding?

There is a solution to these kind of problems. The application called auto optimizer. I had the same problems mentioned above and others which were tackled when I downloaded and installed this application.

The android device is like a computer processing information on all the applications installed. This simultaneous running of applications always leads to massive power drain on the battery. To avoid this, the auto optimizer disables the background tasks which tend to drain the battery when the device is not in use. It does act like a battery saver and increases the hours of the battery.

The memory of an android device sometimes gets jammed with too many processes and cache memory with huge junk files. The auto optimizer is the application to ensure unnecessary junk files and cache files are deleted, releasing more memory for the other applications to run efficiently.

The application keeps track of the battery power and usage. It indicates on the screen the percentage remaining and the allocation of the power to the other running applications.

Display of the memory information is another efficient function the auto optimizer does. It is always important keep track of the amount of memory you are using to avoid installing too many applications only to render the device slow and difficult to use.

I installed the application on a Samsung Galaxy Young which has a RAM of 512MB. This memory is not that efficient in processing large amounts of information thus the boost from auto optimizer enables it perform its processing of data in the applications more efficient.

There are certain applications with high memory release rate. The android optimizer needs the auto optimizer to enable the game run efficiently in the device. A game such as FIFA has a large memory capacity with a number of cache files. The auto optimizer is necessary to ensure the device does not freeze or interfere with the working of the game in the android device.

The application also monitors all the activities in the android device. From the working and spaces taken by the apps to the voltage and temperature of the device and this ensure a balance and stability in the working of all the applications in the device.


There are customization properties that you can set to suit the workings of your device. For example auto adjusting the brightness when the battery level reaches a certain point. You can also make adjustments when the phone is idle. This saves the battery of the device but also makes it work faster and more efficiently. The data connection can also be disabled when the device is not in use.

This is a really good application to optimize the working of your android device and everyone is advised to get to google play store and purchase the app for use. It is ready to serve its purpose well.