Data Breach Be Gone. Keep Your Cell Phone Secure

When it comes to keeping your cell phone secure, there are mobile antivirus applications that can easily be downloaded. With such applications in place, your personal information will be secure and you can worry less about a data breach taking place. AVG’s antivirus is the best release of 2017 and a top recommendation for protecting your Android device. With the application in place, you have access to quality security features including antivirus, anti-theft, device lock and more.

Quality Security for Android Devices

After downloading the antivirus app for Android, you will find that your device has optimal security in place. The application works in the background to provide your device with the essential security needed to avoid viruses, spyware, malware, unwanted callers and unsafe applications.

Protect your device from snoopers at all times with the PIN code option and Camera Trap. The PIN code option allows you to put in PIN number in place so that your phone can only be accessed by you. Only those who know your code will be able to access the device.

With Camera Trap, if anyone tries to open your device with a PIN code and fails three times in a row, the device will take a photo. The photo will be sent to you via email so you can see who the culprit is!


Device Lock for Theft Protection

If your mobile was to be stolen with the AVG Antivirus app in place, you are protected with Device Lock. When a mobile is stolen, the criminal will usually remove the SIM card. When a new SIM card is placed in the device, the app will lock the mobile. The criminal will have no way to call with the device or access your personal info.

Overall, the AVG app is a smart choice for android users to protect their mobile smartphone. Download the app today to see the many great features it provides.


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