Orphan black is a great show that is loved by many. Ever wondered what makes you who you are? Is it your genes or upbringing? Well, the show delves into that with dramatic characters and comedic content with clones as the main characters in different environments.


If you love the show then you will be happy to know that there a game you can play on your Android device to relive the pivotal moments in the series but this time in your own terms. Who is your favorite clone? You can play as them and help them get over the many obstacles there are in the game. The game deals with the same issues the show does within the same environment as the show.

User experience

The soundtrack is loved by many but even more loved is the fact that players get to relive moments from the show. There are 10 worlds to explore which makes this game thrilling while the 80 levels of increasing difficulty make it a challenging and hence fun game to play. One can play with any of the clones. Whether you love Sarah, Krystal, Katja, MK, Beth, Rachel, Helena or Alison you will enjoy the game. This is not to mean that the game is only played by Orphan Black fans. Many have tried it including those who have no idea what the movie is about and they enjoyed every bit. The only complaint that many users have is on the in-app purchases but they sure are worth the money.

User Interface

The game is set in the world of Orphan black but with the color theme being mostly black. It is quite simple though and is easy to play on touch devices. There are different places to make the game interesting and different and familiar foes to get away from. Frequent updates are made on the user interface to make it easier to use and get rid of bugs.


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