If you are a parent and you have a nice little baby that you want to rise as well as you can, you must teach him all the things that he can stumble upon in future. You can do this in many ways but the technology is continually evolving and you can now use many apps and devices to help you. 

Baby’s Brilliant is an iPhone app perfect for your baby or toddler that has a lot of features and categories specially designed for him. You can play relaxing sounds, watch short movies that will teach your baby what are different things from everyday life and he can even learn words in other languages. 

The app is divided into 6 categories, each of them with unique features that will help your baby learn something new every day. The categories are Videos, Night Lights, Music, Read-A-Long-Books, Interactive Soundboards, and For The Hearing Impaired. 

 Videos – you and your baby can watch educative videos, approximately 5 minutes in length, that will keep your baby engaged and it will make him interested in because kids are attracted by visual content. You can choose from animated entertaining videos, educational videos like Weeman’s Science Videos and you can also play videos in English, German, French, Chinese, and Spanish.

 Night Lights – this mode will help your baby fall asleep faster and with less effort. It becomes a player that shoots calm sounds that can lull your baby to sleep and it will make your life a little bit easier. This mode is perfect for that moment when you want to put your baby to sleep but you don’t have enough time to do it.

Music – this category contains a great collection of songs to entertain your baby on a long trip or when you have no idea how to entertain him. You can choose from classical or calming songs, and there are even some religious songs that you can listen to. 


 Read-A-Long-Books – the app offers a large variety of books that will entertain your baby, but you can also find books with mindful lessons and that will describe the animals, plants ant the whole world. The books are presented in a video format and they will surely keep your baby occupied.

 Interactive soundboard – this feature will let your baby interact with pages and images that will help him understand the world and any other thing that he should know. He can learn different words in foreign languages.

 For The Hearing Impaired – this feature will help your hearing impaired baby to discover and learn the most popular songs in a fun and engaging way. 

The app is perfect if you have a little baby that you want to entertain easily. He can learn many new things from this app and you will be the one who will help you through his journey. The app is free to download, you have some songs and videos available for free, ad if you want more content you can buy it for just 0.99$.


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