Guided by Glow combines yogic meditation, breathwork and sophisticated audio sensory stimulation to create a truly immersive experience. Focused on women’s sexual health, the app helps you engage the practice of mindful self-exploration, empowering your sexuality and igniting your sexy side.

It isn’t a clinical app by any means, and it won’t tell you what you should do. Instead, each 10-20 minute session is a deeply personal experience where you can explore your desires in a judgement-free, consensual way. Sessions are categorized, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The sessions are created by a team of writers, actors, creators, editors and producers from a range of difference niches in the sexual wellness field. They mix erotic stories with beautifully crafted audio soundscapes to foster imaginative, intimate journeys where you can deepen the connection you have with yourself.

As part of your regular personal-care routine, an app like this can have huge benefits. Improve your mood, sexual wellness and ignite your passion. De-stress after a long day at work, or start your day with a powerfully positive experience. All you need to do is slip on a pair of headphones, lay back, relax and enjoy the guided meditations in Guided by Glow.

Founder Sayra Player said “My vision was to combine the natural positivity and glow induced by an

orgasm with the mental and physical satisfaction of meditation for a more elevated aural experience — something we haven’t really seen in this space before.”

There’s nothing quite like this on the market right now, so go check it out on iOS and Google Play and see how it can improve your sexual wellbeing! Developer’s site here.