If you have ever played a game with jewels that requires you to match at least 3 of them together to make them disappear then you will love the game of Cupcake Mania. This cool game is a better version that is worthy of your time. A simple matching game this is not, however it is an addictive game that will keep you playing for hours, and again after your phone or mobile device recharges.


The mind blowing artwork in the game will leave you wondering on whether you should be looking at Bruno the hungry bear, or the cupcakes you are trying to match. You are given a set amount of moves to get things done so use them wisely. Within those moves you are trying to get to certain colored pastries or cupcakes. The only downside I’ve seen is the use of demos on a level, it will take up the amount of moves you use, so it is best to use a demo only if you are stuck. The rest of the time you are hooked, trying to get to each level and see what you will happen to unlock next. This enjoyable game is great for anyone that likes a little puzzle.