As the name suggests, Sustainabody is an app that actively tracks your nutritional needs and promotes a healthy diet for you to follow. This is an easy and user-friendly app. It’s free on iTunes but contains ads. You can also opt for the ad-free version of this app at 1.99$. Talking about compatibility, this app requires iOS 9.0 or later and it only works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It will be available for android soon.

Talking about the features of this app, there are many. Some of them being- tracks all nutrients like essential vitamins, proteins, fat etc from your food, you can also view your health status and do what’s necessary and much more. Consumers can set their individual dietary goals and track their vitamin, mineral, fat or other nutrient intakes over time. It figures out if you are lacking any nutrients and thus helping you by identifying and eliminating nutrient deficiencies. By figuring out what nutrients you are lacking or missing in your diet, it gives you food suggestions accordingly. If you are worried about whether the food suggestions they give you are genuine or not, don’t be worried, they all are perfectly examined and verified. Also, they do contain complete information about all the nutrients of the food they are suggesting.

This app is also perfect for consumers with restrictive diets including vegetarians and those who have allergies to specific food. These people often can end up with nutrient deficiencies in their diet. So, this is where this app comes into play.


This app provides notifications too in case you have missed anything from your diet. Thus, this will help you boost your health and live a healthy and better life. In short, this app will reduce half your work by calculating all the dietary needs for you. All you need is to follow this app sincerely and with this app, you can make sure that your body is fully enriched with nutrients.

As I mentioned earlier, this app is free and is perfectly fit for those who are worried about their health or want to lose weight. I highly recommend this app.


Eye pleasing user interface, easy to use, time to time notifications, informative, health guide, frequent updates in the app which will remove any existing bugs, free to use.


Did not find any except that it contains native ads in the free version but it can be solved by purchasing the paid one. It’s worth every penny. So don’t hesitate to pay $1.99 for this app.

A must have app! Bang for buck!


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