If you’re a fan of the popular “runners genre” of games, then Banana Kong is certainly worthy enough to be at the top of your list. This addictive game is a fun and well-made runner with simple game play, mind blowing artwork, and challenging levels. As soon as I started playing, I was amazed at how cool the graphics were and I was able to quickly pick the game up. This game is very easy to play without being boring, and the various challenges and game elements will keep you occupied for hours.




Banana Kong is available for iOS and iPhone. The controls and story are simple: You guide a gorilla away from an avalanche of bananas. You tap once to jump over things, tap and hold to hover in the air, and swipe down to move to another level. Got all of that? Good. Oh, and you must also collect bananas to add to your power bar.




I find this game highly enjoyable and fun for all ages, and would certainly recommend it for the top spot of the runners game list.