The activities that we do are influenced by our emotional state of mind, what we think and our body fitness. These states are not constant and keep on changing thereby impacting what we do. Starting an activity without understanding our sate and condition of these factors might result in us not being able to perform the best of our abilities. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if we know how we feel on a particular day and then decide on which activity to be done on that day? Biorhythm App could be the solution that you are looking for.

About the App: 

Biorhythm Ω app is available exclusively on I Tunes Store. This is the paid Pro app and also has a free App Biorhythm365. The developer of this app is Jeonghwan Kim and copy righted by Withwings & co. It is compatible on iOS 8 & later versions on iPad and iPhone. The app is available in 8 different languages. It is based on the theory of a 19th century German doctor by the name of William Flies. His theory was further researched upon by an Austrian Dr.Alfred Teltscher. The theory refers to a concept called “Biorhythm”.

Biorhythm – Concept 

As per the theory, there are for biological cycles – Emotional, Physical, intellectual and intuitive. Each of these cycles has a repeated cyclic ups and downs starting from the day of our birth. On a given day each of these four rhythms would be at different points generally measured between -100 to 100. These values repeat in a regular cycle. Any value between -100 to -1 is referred to as low phase and the values between 1 to 100 are referred to as high phase. If a particular day the value is “0” it is the transition between low phase and High phase or vice versa and is referred to as danger”. The values on a given day are calculated by a pre determined formula for each of the Biorhythm cycles.

The physical rhythm is related to the physical fitness which determines if you live an active life or not. The physical fitness would also impact the concentration levels when you do an activity. The emotional rhythm refers to the mental sensitivity. This rhythm along with the physical determines whether an individual lives and healthy life. The intellectual rhythm determines the metal ability in view of the knowledge earned and the impact of the activities that we do. Intuitive rhythm is related to the ability to judge something by the feeling one has.

Application in the App: 

The app uses this concept and has an inbuilt algorithm which would provide the value for each of these four rhythms on a particular day based on the date of birth that you have provided. Each day you can check the app and find out the values for each of the rhythm and decide on the activities that you can do. Few highlights of the app when compared to other apps using this concept are:

  • Each of the four cycles are shown in different color coding·
  • There is an indicator for ascent as well as decent which would help to understand if the cycle is in an upward phase or vice versa there by helping to determine how the swing would be for future days.
  • It provides and in app explanation of the concept as well as details about each of the rhythms.
  • You have an option to check for any of the future dates so as to plan accordingly.

The app has is based on a good algorithm built based on the concept.

The App works perfectly well in line with the concept however the major drawback would be the whole premise of the concept if it is a reliable logic.

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