Do you want to sell your modern toy collection? Do you want to save time listing them on eBay one by one? Brian’s Toys’ Sell My Toys app makes this process quick and straightforward!

Scan your barcodes to receive quotes for your collection from Sell My Toys! Scan the bar codes on the packaging of your modern toys to create and manage toy collection lists. To receive an offer, send this list to Brian’s Toys. If you have vintage figures from the 1980s or earlier, you can send photos to Prices for vintage items are heavily influenced by their condition.

They also purchase Star Wars, Barbie, Marvel, LEGO, GI Joe, and other toy lines.

To Market Your Toys:               

  • Scan Your Objects
  • Request a Quote
  • Ship your products
  • Receive your payment

Among The Features Are:

  • Request a quote from Brian’s Toys after scanning and submitting your collection.
  • Scan items one at a time or use Multi-Scan to scan multiple things simultaneously.

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Final Thoughts

People were thrilled when they found Brian’s toys. The users working with them was much less stressful, thanks to the intuitive app and quick turn-around time for the quote. Plus, the customer support was amazing.